Full range of services include: Script Breakdown, Previsualization, On-set Supervision, 3D Matchmoving, Visual Effects, Animation, R&D, and Compositing for the Film, Television, and New Media Industries.

Loki Visual Effects Montage Loki Visual Effects Montage
Nissan Sentra “Bubble” Nissan Sentra “Bubble”
Aero “Lamb” Aero “Lamb”
Fun And Games I Fun And Games I
Sapporo “Legendary Biru” Sapporo “Legendary Biru”
Alexander Keith’s “Moving Walls” Alexander Keith’s “Moving Walls”
LVMH Group Wenjun “Formation” LVMH Group Wenjun “Formation”
Bell “100 HD Channels / Discovery” Bell “100 HD Channels / Discovery”
Cell-C “Turn The Page” Cell-C “Turn The Page”
Becel Buttery “Heart’s Desire” Becel Buttery “Heart’s Desire”
GM Holiday Event “Cash Windfall” GM Holiday Event “Cash Windfall”
Desjardins “Theft” Desjardins “Theft”